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Planning a Cricket Activation or Event? Why not try out the Cricket Club Virtual Reality Game. This virtual reality cricket game is ideal for Sport Events or Cricket Sponsors that wants to WOW their clients!

Attack, defend, and swing your way to glory in front of a packed crowd at one of the most beautiful cricket venues in the world. Your skills will be pushed to the limit as you face up to a challenging range of bowlers; from slow and steady to fast and…

Watch the Trailer of the Virtual Reality Cricket Game for Events Video!

Want to play cricket in Virtual Reality? Try out the Virtual Reality Cricket Club Game. It is loads of fun and cricket fans will love it!

How does the Virtual Reality Cricket Game for events works?

If you are a cricket fan you will love this game. You get the opportunity to bat like a real cricketer!

One of the most difficult things to do is to Sell Virtual Reality using a 2D environment like the internet. Don’t judge this game on this 2D presentation of this game, this is one of the BEST virtual reality cricket games on the market and once you are in the experience you will find it almost as real as a real cricket game.

The physics in this Virtual Reality Cricket game is almost as realistic as real world physics in a real cricket game!

Players can play the Virtual Reality Cricket game with only the HTC VIVE controllers or we can place a HTC VIVE Tracker on a cricket bat and players can play it with a real cricket bat!

This game needs a minimum of 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters to play!


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