This is the BEST COMMERCIAL VIRTUAL REALITY Experience to introduce your clients to Virtual Reality!

Richie's Plank Virtual Reality Experience for Events!

The Richie's Plank Virtual Reality experience is our No 1 Commercially available experience - People Love it!
More About Richie's Plank Experience for Events

Richie’s Plank is by far one of the best commercially available virtual reality experiences that you can use for your next virtual reality event. The Richie’s Plank is a quick experience it takes clients +/- 3 minutes to complete the experience. This is one of those experiences that everyone loves!

This is ideal for Team Building Virtual Reality Events or Virtual Reality Activation and Events in a Mall or at a Expo. People will love it and talk about it and most likely queue at your Stand to experience it for themselves!

Watch the Richie's Plank Virtual Reality Experience Video!

This will give you an idea of the Richie’s Plank Virtual Reality Experience for Events. However if you are considering to use it for your event come and visit our Demo Room to see why we rate this as the No: 1 experience for Virtual Reality events where you do not have your own content to show clients!

How does the Richie's Plank Experience work?

You make the Virtual Reality Event booking and we take care of the rest. Below is a short explanation on the Richie’s Plank Virtual Reality experience.

We need +/- 2.5 meter x 2.5 meter to setup the experience and for people to enjoy the experience best. We provide all the necessary equipment for the virtual reality event. This includes 1 x HTC VIVE virtual reality headset, 1 x Virtual Reality high-end Gaming computer system. 1 x 50 inch UHD Television screen for spectators to enjoy the experience and to make it a group activity.

Our Virtual Reality Events team is trained to give people the ultimate Richie’s Plank experience each and every time.

The experience starts with the client standing on the pavement overlooking a city. The idea is to give players a sense of the power of being immersed inside virtual reality. Our team immerse the player further by pointing out some of the things that the player can see in the city. This have a funny effect on peoples minds as they see these things they start to believe that it is real.


Once the player is immersed into the Richie’s Plank experience, we ask them to look behind them. Behind the player is an elevator and the Virtual Reality Team instructs the player to walk inside the elevator. This is also done on purpose and now the player realize that they can not only view 360° in virtual reality but they can also move inside virtual reality.

The player is then instructed to press the “PLANK” button. This introduces the player to 6 DOF movement and the player realize that they can also touch stuff inside virtual reality.

The elevator starts moving up, and through a gab between the elevator doors, they can see that they are moving upwards. This plays a funny trick on the mind, and the experience becomes even more real with the player believing that they are moving up in the elevator.

The next moment the elevator stops and the doors open! This gets clients each and every time! When the doors open their is a plank in front of the player and they are on top of the building looking down at the city. This scares everyone even if you don’t have a fear of heights. Our team is trained to calm the person down and to encourage them to walk out onto the plank!


Virtual Reality Events - Richie's Plank Experience

Below is some video’s that we took of Real Virtual Activation and VR Events that we have done! We have a professional Virtual Reality Events team to assist with Virtual Reality activation!

Video from a Richie's Plank Event South AFrica

VR Virtual Reality Events - Team Building

VR Team Building Event

VR Virtual Reality Events - The Plank Experience

Virtual Reality Events South Africa

Here is some images of Virtual Reality Events where we used the Richie’s Plank Virtual Reality Experience. This is our no 1 Virtual Reality experience for events!


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