This is another popular Virtual Reality Event experience especially for South Africans!

Virtual Reality Soccer Game for Virtual Reality Events

WOW your clients by giving them a Soccer Virtual Reality Event experience!
Virtual Reality Soccer Experience

The Virtual Reality Soccer game simulator specially designed for Virtual Reality offers clients an awesome experience to play soccer at events. It offers an incredible experience playing as a goalkeeper or striker. We have the HTC VIVE trackers to bring this game to its full potential, allowing players feet to be tracked in Virtual Reality as well.

The Virtual Reality Soccer game is ideal for Soccer events, Soccer Activation, Sport events, team building and wowing your clients. It is one of those games that attract people to your stand or activation and comes highly recommended.

Virtual Reality Soccer Game for Events

This is one of the Best Games for virtual reality soccer events. In the game players can choose to be the goalie or the kicker.


The Virtual Reality soccer games allow players to play as the goalie or as a goal kicker. The game is easy to learn and offers a score board as well making it very competitive for spectators whom also want to try the game. This game usually attracts the masses and is ideal if you want to attract people to your stand or activation.

The player blocks the balls with the controllers in his hands, or can kick the soccer ball with his feet! (We mount VIVE Trackers to the players feet to allow his feet to be tracked in the virtual reality experience).

Images from a South African Virtual Reality Soccer Event

Here is some actual images of a soccer virtual reality event that we did in Johannesburg South Africa. For more information contact Ronel Ferreira at +27 72 9722 724 or email her at

Most South Africans love soccer! This is the ideal Virtual Reality Events game to get South Africans to interact with your virtual reality brand activation. It is also the ideal game for your sport of wellness events!

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