We enable companies to have online virtual reality conferences!


Our Virtual Reality Conference Platform allow companies to have conferences similar to real world conferences in virtual reality.
Virtual Reality Conferences


Unlike traditional phone calls and video chats attendees of the Virtual Reality conference can be in environments that enhance learning, communication and connectivity. When users are in a VR headset, they are free of temptation to check mobile notifications and social media. These virtual experiences can increase productivity in ways that are not possible with current communication methods and can drive interpersonal interactions.

The convenience of using the Virtual Reality Conference software cancels out having to spend time in transit. Jet lag will also be a thing of the past. Like mentioned before no more distractions from the outside world will allow all the users to focus their attention on what is happening in the conference. Our brains process virtual communication differently than other forms of digital interactions. Virtual Reality Conferences optimize your schedule making time management much easier. No more traveling, hotels and booking expensive conference centers. By not needing to travel to conference meetings, VR conferences mean less carbon emissions.

As effective as Zoom and skype might be, they simply do not have the features and framework to replicate human interactions in a 3-dimensional world. Users can participate in live panel discussions, participate in immersive marketing or negotiate deals in secure rooms. You get a wider outreach to audiences, while a conference is in progress attendees can share and spread the word in their social media circles. The Virtual Reality environment is constantly evolving and the modernization with VR applications and software can be quite a productive accomplishment.

When attending a conference meeting one must come up with a way to record information which comes down to either making notes on paper or via devices like laptops or tablets. With a Virtual Reality Conference, you do not have to carry around supplies, all text or voice-based conversations can be recorded, stored and can be accessed at any time.

Renting out a physical space to hold your conference at can get pricey, with virtual reality there are no limits to the size or type of conference room required by clients. Planning and setting up a conference can get rather complicated and challenging but with a virtual event you can set everything up and be running in minutes if one is attending while hosts will save even more time overall.

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