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We develop high-end highly interactive online exhibitions in Virtual Reality!
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Events are being cancelled left right and centre with chances of these events only happening in the year of 2021, companies are leaning towards a Virtual Reality solution enabling them to reach their audience in a convenient and modern way. Facebook had no other choice than to cancel their 5000-person conference due to the Corona Virus.

We reached a point where we have come up with an unconventional method in which our clients can reach out and interact with their clients while still abiding by the laws and regulations that South Africa have implemented during this world wide pandemic. We have developed a solution for our clients to enable them to continue with their events in a safe and secure way using Virtual Reality Exhibitions.

Virtual Reality exhibitions are less taxing on the environment because there are no physical presence and therefore travel and generated physical waste is no longer needed. The travel distance for events per person is around 516 km on average. Attendees can walk around in the virtual space and even shake hands with someone they just met like in the real world. Virtual Reality exhibitions are a great way to market products or services, with virtual reality, companies can host events with customers joining in from across the world from the comfort of their own homes. Users without VR headsets will also be able to attend these events in a convenient way by using their smartphones or laptops, reaching a higher number of audiences, catering for those without such devices.

The Virtual Reality Event market might be bigger than you think, with events like the virtual reality concert that was held in Helsinki in Finland attracting over 1 million spectators, that is a total of 12% of Finland’s population. Space in the Virtual world can be scaled up or down depending on what the requirements are also saving you capital in the process. Imagine the amount of space needed to accommodate a million people in the real world and what the cost would be.

3D models of products can be made for companies wanting to showcase new or existing products to their clients around the world or even to pitch an idea for a new product. Thanks to 6 DoF technology users can pick up objects, move them around and can even engage with certain products or if it is a vehicle they can get inside and explore the interior. Users will be able to see other customers in the Virtual Reality Exhibition and even have a full-on conversation with one another as well as see their body movements and gestures just like you would in the real world.

Custom stands can be made according to specifications given to us by our clients. Our team can either design a custom stand to your liking or you can choose from our stock stands that will also be available,  allowing smaller companies to also market their products within the Virtual Reality Exhibition software.

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